Eric Ripert Defends Escolar; Ed Koch: Bib Wearer

Radar ran a story on escolars tendency to cause leaky bowel movements and mentioned that the fish was served at Le Bernardin. This, in turn, prompted a response from Eric Ripert himself, which prompted the author of the article to respond, Im sure Eric Ripert serves his escolar in such a way that it doesnt make people shit orange oil. Hes good like that. [Fresh Intelligence/Radar]

Chef Craig Hopson says the ghost of Aaron Burr haunts the kitchen of One if by Land, Two if by Sea and has a tendency to steal batches of brioche. [Bottomless Dish/Citysearch]
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Katrina Markoff, founder of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, likes to pair her companys bacon-laden chocolate bar with pieces of Gruyre and a glass of Shiraz. [WSJ]
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Ed Koch is a big fan of wearing bibs at meals so he can protect his fancy neckwear. [Diners Journal/NYT]

Reservation-less and bleary-eyed for tonight? Dont be, since you can still try your luck at those hot spots not taking reservations, like Pearl Oyster Bar and Blue Ribbon. [amNY]

Or if you equate painfully spicy meals with lust and romance, try getting a table at a place like Brick Lane Curry House. [TONY]

Josh Eden of Shortys.32 is willing to bend over backward for customers: No matter what they ask, Ill do it! [Restaurant Girl]