Gordon Ramsay to Inflict ‘Kitchen Nightmare’ on Black Pearl

Gordo is back and ready to feed.Photo courtesy Fox

Gordon Ramsay, apparently in the belief that New York will never tire of his angry-man shtick, has chosen to subject the Black Pearl clam bar to the patented humiliation of his Kitchen Nightmares series. Though wed heard that Black Pearl was a candidate for the Ramsey treatment, recent word said the restaurants improvement had commuted the sentence. Guess not! Now there are trailers along 26th Street and managers at Hill Country (across the street) are both feeding the crew and being interviewed for background on Black Pearl. We never thought Black Pearl was such a disaster, though it was in a bad location for a clam bar. But then we dont go around absorbing other peoples suffering as a way to feed our Galactus-like appetite for fame. At least, most of the time we don't.

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