Pickle in a Tube: More Blechtacular Than Burger in a Can?

We won't say no to an animated pickle.Photo: Courtesy of PickleSickle

If you thought a burger in a can was nuts, consider the PickleSickle, a frozen treat coming out of (where else?) Texas. Youd think the guy who first sold these at a roller-skating rink (theyre now available in freezer-ready plastic tubes) would think twice about putting the word sick in the name of his product, but its actually not quite as disgusting as it sounds: Its made from pressed pickles rather than pickle brine. Still! No matter what mascot PickleSickle Bob tells us about the health benefits of pickles (apparently they soften blood-sugar spikes after high-carb meals), we doubt the cherry and lemon-lime varieties go down as easy as, say, the pot of pickles at the Spotted Pig. That said, no way is the Pigs menu as amusing as the spiel on the PickleSickle Website: This is one of those crazy ideas that shouldve died a quick and horrible death from the beginning, right? Well, we wouldnt go that far

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