Sirio Speaks Out on That Guy From the ‘Times’ … What Did You Say His Name Was?

Sirio Maccioni

The scent of a lost star was still in Sirio's nostrils when interviewed.Photo: Melissa Hom

There’s an entertaining and incisive interview with Le Cirque's Sirio Maccioni at Portfolio today. Lloyd Grove presses the great man on his feelings about the New York Times critic ("Frank Bruni, if that's his name"), the firing of chef Pierre Schaedelin ("Pierre could have stayed"), and what it takes to make a restaurant work on that level in New York ("Here you need to do a minimum of $12 million a year. Otherwise we are broke"). The interview was done before the Times restored the restaurant's third star, so there's a lot of fire there. Things seem to be better now: We stopped in the other night, and Sirio's son Mario told us that after the review, “My father didn't yell at anybody for four days.”

World According To…Sirio Maccioni [Portfolio via Gawker]