A First Look Inside Antik, Soft-Opening Tonight


It's dark in here.Photo: Melissa Hom

After attending the opening of Antik, the semi-private lounge in the old Marions Marquee space, we can report that its a serviceable after-spot for those who want to keep drinking in a retro setting during the nights when the Bowery Hotels lobby bar closes at 2 a.m. (of course its not as elaborate or elegant, which might be why the lighting is so dim).


Photo: Melissa Hom

The $10 to $13 cocktails we tried were on the syrupy side, and let's face it, mixologist Jesse Lee Carrs suspenders werent the most convincing (apparently throwback attire is now requisite even if youre mixing drinks from inside of a booth), but we enjoyed the Mexican, a woody concoction of crme de mescal, Cointreau, melon, lime juice, and hibiscus. The lounge will be open nightly from 10 p.m., and though bottle service isn't a must, reservations are recommended since there are only eight tables. The best thing about the place: If the doorman turns you away, theres a much less self-conscious pub in King's Cross downstairs (it's pictured below) and the perfect martini at Marions next door.


King's Cross, the downstairs pub.Photo: Melissa Hom

Antik and King's Cross, 356 Bowery, nr. 4th St.; 212-388-1655, antiknyc.com