Danny Meyer Looks Ready to Get A-Shake-Shacking

Why should there only be one Shake Shack? Or even two? Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Having created the most successful burger restaurant in New York (1,000 burgers a day by his estimation), Danny Meyer seems ready to go into the Shake Shack business in a big way, as he tells Bloomberg in an inspiring interview today. “In almost 23 years as a restaurateur, I've never done the same thing twice,” Meyer tells Bloomberg. “But I have a huge hankering to do this one another time. We've thought about this for a number of years and we're finally structured in my company so that instead of just dreaming, we can do it.” The translation? Expect more Shake Shacks. Meyer also talks burgers in some detail, expressing admirably orthodox views on gourmet burgers, American cheese, and his all-time favorite burger growing up (and ours), Steak 'n Shake.

Why Danny Meyer Is Adding Another Shake Shack
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