Economy Shrinks Portions, Swaps Ingredients; a Ko Reservation Fake-out

With food coasts soaring, high- and low-end kitchens are taking measure to reduce portions, swap out costly ingredients, and serve more dishes with higher profit margins. [WSJ]

In related news, it doesnt look like wheat prices will drop anytime soon: Consumption has exceeded production in seven of the last eight years. [NYT]

The online reservation page for Ko was live for ten minutes on Friday, but now you need a password to enter it. Still, at least you can add the URL to your bookmarks and check it every hour. [Eater]

Did you know that nine large feasts from Boston Market can add up to $1,800? A Queens woman found that out, but since she was using fake checks, she didnt care too much. [NYP]

The Times has a review/promotional article of their own city-beat reporter Jennifer 8. Lees exploration of Chinese cuisine, The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food. [NYT]
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