Name a Falafel Joint for $3,000

lewis waite farm

Chickpea was so bad?Photo: Daniel Maurer

Yesterday, another shawarma-and-falafel joint with a similar menu took the place of Chickpea on Third Avenue. Since the words shawarma and falafel are, after all, painted down the side of the building, the restaurant isnt in a hurry to name itself, and, like Chickpea before it, its holding a contest that will award $3,000 ($500 more than Chickpea offered) to the person who comes up with something snappy. As you might guess from their URL,, the place is under Orthodox Union supervision; it closes two hours before Shabbat on Friday and opens an hour after it ends on Saturday (lucky for anyone getting tanked on cheap drinks at Continental next door its open until 4 a.m. on Thursday, 5 a.m. on Saturday, and 1 a.m. all other days). Anyone have signage suggestions other than the painfully obvious a rabbi saying, Not-So-Awful Falafels?

Name Our Glatt Kosher, 23 Third Ave., nr. St. Marks Pl. (212-254-9500)

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