People, Please! Hasta La Vista to ‘Buena Vista Social Club’


You're like a broken record with thisPhoto courtesy of Nonesuch Records.

On Monday night, we stopped into Terroir (Hearths already-packed new wine bar), where conspicuously mustachioed Thomas Crowley of Bar Veloce happened to be sampling his neighbors wares. Were sure he loved the food and drink just like we did, but the bartender was concerned that he might not be digging the music. Thats because during the entire time we were there, we had to listen to Buena Vista Social Club.

BVSC is a fine album, to be sure, but lets face it, hearing it at a restaurant is like hearing "Chicken Dance" at a wedding. Can we finally retire this chestnut? You dont hear the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack anywhere near as much as you used to, and though theres still no escaping Marie Antoinette, at least it wasnt released over a decade ago. Any other dining-room music youd like to see go the way of veal Oscar?