Quercy Serves As Movie Set for a Night


When you go see Gigantic, look for Quercy.Photo: Jonathan Bourland

A cab ride down Court Street late last night (this morning?) revealed klieg lights and a trailer outside Quercy. Huh, we muttered. They must be filming something. Another night-owl friend IMed this morning: So theyre filming a movie with John Goodman and Zooey Deschanel at Quercy. Utilizing our IMDb research skills, we surmised the film is Gigantic, starring Paul Dano as Brian and Deschanel as Happy in a comedy centered around a mattress salesman and the young woman whom he meets at his store. (Sounds a little like Punch-Drunk Love, no?) Quercy confirmed the shoot today, but said it was only a one-night event. Unfortunately our Easter dinner there will not be so star studded. Aileen Gallagher

Gigantic [IMDb]