Teddy's Is Feeling Spitzer's Pain


And one for the ladyPhoto: downbythehipster.blogspot.com

Per Down by the Hipster, on Monday night Williamsburg tavern Teddys capitalized on the Luv Guvs downfall by serving up a Hypocrites Delight special consisting of a $5 Spitzer Spritzer made with wait a minute well liquor? We all know Eliot prefers the high end. Maybe the bar at Maze has something more to his liking.

Update: Metromix finds that Spitzer's Corner patrons are indeed in his corner, especially the guy who ponders what cheese might be paired with a Spitzer Spritzer: "This is a sex ring. This is like a Brillat Savarin or a Pierre Robert."

Spitzer Gets Scandal Special [Down by the Hipster]