Bruni Is Steamed Over Momofuku’s Reservation System

A colleague who has been stalking Momofuku Kos reservation site tells us that even when free tables seem to be open, he cant break through to a confirmation screen when he clicks on them. If he were playing an old-school Nintendo game, wed tell him to take the cartridge out and blow on it, but apparently no such tricks will make Kos system work for him. Now Frank Bruni comes forward to confess that he, too, is losing faith that the system works properly. Nearly a month after Ko opened, he still hasn't been able to book a seat and hes not happy about it.

Actually, its one of his designated reservation monkeys, B., whos pissed Bruni is careful to maintain a judicious remove: Im not saying Ko warrants his wrath, or is doing anything wrong. Im not saying that at all. And its certainly not Mr. Changs fault for creating this kind of demand, this clamor for reservations. Its an accomplishment. You hear that, Mr. Chang? Now can you accomplish a table for this poor bastard?

Going Ko-Ko [Diners Journal/NYT]