Eric and Donald Trump Jr. Dine Everywhere From McDonald's to Dubai

Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump

Eric and Donald: "We have a great restaurant downstairs called Trump Grill."Photo: Melissa Hom

As partners in their fathers business, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. do a lot of dining together whether theyre talking to clients Stateside about Quattro, their upcoming restaurant in the Trump Soho building or cutting ribbons in the Middle East as they did this week. Don or Donnie, as his younger brother calls him prefers to eat downtown at places like BondSt and Woo Lae Oak, but that doesnt mean hes above stopping into McDonalds for a sausage, egg, and cheese. Weve been brought up to have both kinds of taste: My fathers an all-American eater burgers, fries, pizza and my mother is more of a sophisticated, European eater. Aside from a dinner at Raouls, Trump Jr. didnt see much of New York this week owing to a trip to Greece, so we asked Eric to tell us what he ate.

Saturday, April 19
We arrived in Qatar on Friday. Saturday mid-afternoon Ivanka, myself, and Donnie returned from the hotel and sat down and had three lobster tails right on the beach near the Arabian sea.

That evening we met with various high-ranking officials at Qatar. We ate very traditional food; it started off with amazing caviar and went on to some of the more traditional Arabian soups with Arabian tea. On the side they had the stuffed grape leaves. That was a very nice meal. We also had lamb chops.

Sunday, April 20
We went to Abu Dhabi. We had a large catered meal an amazing buffet with great desserts. They had everything from lobster to chicken to the traditional Middle Eastern rices, calamari, and salads. It was an infusion of Italian and Middle Eastern. I had a nonalcoholic drink I had never had before a lemonade that they put a lot of mint in so it was all green. We had that while we were conducting our business.

We flew to Dubai that evening and stayed at the Burj Al Arab. We had our ribbon cutting at one of the other hotels that just opened up there and had a dinner for the unofficial launch of our building. We were seeing the building, doing architectural layouts. We had dinner with quite a large group. That started with one of the Arabic soups combined with a sashimi platter (it was either fluke or sole raw sole is very good with a salad on top of it) and some kind of meat.

Monday, April 21
Back in the States, I was eating at my desk at Trump Tower. That day I had a scoop of tuna salad and grilled vegetable. We have a great restaurant downstairs called Trump Grill; most of the time Ill order from there because its convenient. I also really like Cinema a few blocks north.

That evening I went home and made myself a salmon steak. I cook quite a bit for myself my grandma was from the Czech Republic so she makes a lot of the thick native Slavic dishes the chicken paprikas, the goulashes, the sauerkraut, the soups that contain a lot of cream and sausage and poultry. I often miss those meals. If shes away Ill cook them for myself.

Tuesday, April 22
Several business partners were in town coincidentally so we had a catch-up. I ate downstairs. Not to sound cheesy but I actually had a Trump steak. Theyre absolutely delicious. In the summer Ill take a few and grill them at our house out in the country or bring them to a friends house in the country. Were very picky eaters not picky in the sense that we like only a few things, but we know good food and if they werent we wouldnt have our name on them.

Wolfgangs is definitely my favorite steak in town no doubt about it. Its delicious. Its hard to mess up a steak when you drain butter on it. My dad really loves Wolfgang's. Thats our food were a steak-and-potato family. He has been going to Peter Luger for a long time. At the same time he loves Jackson Hole as much as I do.

I ordered sushi for dinner, from Sushiya. Its a smaller place, but its very good. During lunch its hard to get in (they dont take reservations so you just have to walk in). I really like some of the spicy tunas, the sashimi, white tuna, salmon I think their best roll is the crunchy, spicy king crab. If I had my pick, I really like Yama downtown its always really fresh sashimi. Its a smaller place and a nice atmosphere.

Wednesday, April 23
Again, I was in the office. I had a chicken-Caesar wrap downstairs.

I went home and cooked myself a grilled chicken breast and vegetables I like asparagus, broccoli, and corn.

Thursday, April 24
I had a Cobb salad for lunch delivered to my office from downstairs. One of our favorites right next to us is Rothmanns they do a very nice job. Theres a wonderful restaurant by my moms house on 64th Street that Ive been going to since I was 10 or 11 called La Houppa. In terms of a small, friendly environment with unbelievable food, theyre as good as it comes.