Lost This Week: Cameras, Phones, and More Cameras

If youve ever left something behind at a restaurant (like, say, a notebook), you know how it can eat you up inside. Were not about to post signs all over the place, but heres a sobering list of everything Craigslisters left at local bars and restaurants this week.

An LG phone at West Bank Caf

Canon SD 600 camera at Santa Fe

LG CU 500 phone at Le Souk

80 GB iPod at Makers Bar

Backpack stolen from Zarela

Black Sony Cybershot digital camera at the Ace Bar

Canon SD 750 Digital Elph at Buddha Bar

Brown wallet near Ginger House

Nikon Blue camera at Vudu Lounge

Drivers license outside of Mixx

Digital camera at the Dove or Slane

Digital camera at the Thirsty Scholar

Sony camera at Pieces Bar

Flip phone at Briccos

And finally a sob story from Choice: In my bag were the only things that meant anything to me: my journal with the last letters my father ever wrote me (he died on the first of the month, alone, in prison) and my camera, worth approx. $1k. i went out for a smoke. when i came back, it was all gone.

Lost & Found [Craigslist]