Danny Meyer in Harlem; El Morocco in Washington Heights

Danny Meyer is being courted to open a caf in Harlem. [NYT]

The restaurant worlds royalty showed up at the opening of Alain Ducasses Benoit last week; Geoffrey Zakarian said his new West 44th Street restaurant should open in January. [NYP]

Dont worry about safety at Studio Bs new rooftop area, since the wire mesh encircling it totally makes it look not at all dangerous. [New York Shitty]

The legendary nightlife destination El Morocco has reemerged as a Latino-oriented dance club in Washington Heights. [NYDN]

Skipping entres and eating appetizers only is the best way to sample a chefs work and cut back on calories. [WSJ]

Whats new, pussycat? Apparently lots, as the owner of the building housing the Pussycat Lounge has sold it to the owner of the club for a measly $2.5 million. [Real Estate/NYO]

Crave Ceviche Bar, which was already damaged by the midtown crane collapse, has been saved from demolition by a judge. [NYP]

Gordon Ramsay will spend Mothers Day with his wife and mum. [NYDN]