Spam Is No Longer Just for Your Junk-Mail Folder


Courtesy of Hormel Foods

Monty Python called it the AP says that sales of Spam, and deli meats in general, are up, presumably due to higher food prices (despite the fact that the price of Spam has risen by 17 cents since last year something we had somehow failed to notice). Assuming Spams newfound respectability moves you to try the stuff, here are some local spots that have been trafficking in it all along.

Green Tea Caf Spam and a fried egg over rice $4.50
Happy 16 Diner Spam macaroni with soup, egg sandwich, and coffee $2.75
Hong Kong Station Spam sandwich $1.25; Spam and egg $1.75
Yummy Station Caf Pancakes with eggs and Spam $2.75
M Star Caf Ham-and-Spam fried rice $4.75
L and L Hawaiian Barbecue Spam with ramen, soba, or udon noodles and crabmeat $7.95
Sim Caf Spam omelette $2.75

Sales of Spam rise as consumers trim food costs [AP]