Taavo Somer Is Cheesier Than We Thought

taavo somer

Loves Elvis impersonators?Photo: Chris Buck

Taavo Somer, the ber-cool tastemaker of Freemans, certainly outed himself as a lover of cheese when he put the Rusty Knot together, but who knew hed take it this far? In a Q with the Times rich-diculous blog the Moment, he tells us all about his fantasy travel companion.

Don Rickles. I think it would be a blast to go meet him in Vegas, ride Segways around town, hit buffets, go see some shows, maybe the Smothers Brothers, wed then jump in his car, and wed pick up Wayne Newton and Steve Wynn and head over to have lunch at Siegfried and Roys house.

Wait, developer Steve Wynn? Is this Taavo's way of saying "call me"?

On the Q.T.: Taavo Somer [NYT/Moment]
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