Cesare Casella Has Things Going on All Over Town

Cesare Casella, everywhere you look.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Theres been a lot of action in the Cesare Casella camp lately. The chef gives us an update. To wit:

Maremma is for sale. Its on the market, Casella says. Im waiting for a better offer than the one I have, though. If I dont get it, Ill renovate it and make it a little different.

Casellas new restaurant will be called Salumeria Rosi, but it isnt really a restaurant, per se: Its a grocery, that has a very small restaurant area of about 35 seats. Its very casual some antipasti, panini, a few pastas.

The Tuscan Tocque also tells us that hes in negotiations to do a big, upscale restaurant in a luxe hotel being built in midtown. We havent signed the contract yet, but it will be a very nice restaurant, and a kind of cooking I havent done before in New York.

Bean bar, Casellas planned fast-food operation in Grand Central Station, is likewise on hold. Casella probably has ten other things going on that he's not talking about; but we'll settle for these. They're more than enough.

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