‘Daily Show’ Writer Sues Batali; Ex-Babbo Sommelier Cooks for You

A former Daily Show writer who was hired to work on a book to accompany PBS forthcoming Spainon the Road Again butted heads with Mario Batali over the project and is now suing the series producers company. [NYS]

Jeffrey Chodorows lounge atop the Empire Hotel opens this week, but the pool is open to hotel guests only. [TONY]
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Le Cirques former chef de cuisine, Jason Kallert, has thrown Friars Club regulars for a loop with his highbrow creations, even if some courses are vaguely dated. [Feed/TONY]
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No matter how small your kitchen, a former Babbo sommelier is now cooking in homes around the city for $200 to $600 a person. [NYP]

Gotham Bar & Grills Alfred Portale didnt know much about wine twenty years ago, but now he personally consults diners on wine pairings. [Wine Spectator]

When it comes to saving money on ingredients, professional chefs know best which substitutions to make without sacrificing quality and flavor. [TONY]

Top Chef judge Gail Simmons will eat anything if she has to, but shed really rather not have to face veal, black beans, or root beer. [Serious Eats]

Is Third Avenue really worthy of being designated Hamburger Row? [Hamburger Today]