Alan Richman Loves Brooklyn, Blasts Bloggers

Alan Richman expresses his displeasure, again. Photo: Photo courtesy of Metromix

GQ critic Alan Richman, scourge of New Orleans and eulogist of Brooklyn, praises the borough, but skewers blogs in an interview with Metromix today. His level of affection for Brooklyn restaurants makes Marty Markowitz look disdainful. Though not included in a big Brooklyn opus last year, Richman also likes Thomas Beisl and Diner(“The prices are great, the food is great, they have a great hamburger. I really liked Diner a lot”). But the interview heats up when Metromix asks Richman about the dreaded breed, the blogger.

What do you think of the blogs covering the NYC dining scene?

First of all, I hate them, and second of all, I find them useful. I hate them for a lot of reasons. I mean, I’m an old fogy. I still believe in journalism, and they don’t believe in journalism. They just believe in impressions. They would rather tell people what they think than ever ask anybody what the facts of the matter are, and that is my biggest problem with blogging. It’s all about speculation and opinion. I just wish these bloggers would be more careful. But other than that, I like them fine because they certainly give you information.

Come on, Alan! We're not all speculation and opinion. At the very least, we can vouch for the information on Grub Street.

Alan Richman Still Hearts Brooklyn [Metromix]
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