Amy Sacco Races Cars, Closes Bette

Aside from her luxury-condo project, District, Amy Sacco hasnt been paying much attention to New York and the nightlife she said was overrated. Bungalow 8 has pretty much fallen off the map, last year she opened an outpost in London, and in her most recent media appearance (above) she was touting her Vegas hotel and driving race cars. So we were only slightly surprised when Eater reported that her restaurant Bette closed last night (staff was apparently only given eight hours notice). We e-mailed Sacco, who explained (sort of), Had an amazing offer I couldn't refuse and with all my new projects it was just great timing. She wouldnt say whether another restaurateur bought out her lease, but Gawkers account that this is the nail in her coffin would seem premature all on a high note, Sacco assures us.

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