Kunz Eyes Oceana Space; Meanwhile, Café Gray Presents Doomsday Menu

Eat there while you still can!Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Caf Gray is closing at the end of the month, and rumors of its next location have been cloudy, at best. Today, Bret Thorn reports in his Nation's Restaurant News column that Kunz is scouting out the Oceana space, which is itself scheduled to be vacated when its lease expires in July of next year. In the meantime, Caf Gray is marking its twilight days by offering an $85 prix fixe menu of its greatest hits: Kunzs celebrated short ribs, his coconut-coated red snapper with crabmeat and green papaya, a chilled lemongrass soup, a mushroom risotto, and a hazelnut souffl. Having eaten all of these dishes, we can say that every one of them is mind-blowing, except for the snapper, which is only wonderful, instead of fantastic. This menu is one you should run, not walk, to try before the place closes up. Because, really, who knows in what form, if any, Caf Gray will return?

UPDATE: Caf Gray will close June 21 not, as has been reported elsewhere, on June 16.

Gray Kunz and Oceana [Nation's Restaurant News]
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