Nice Matin's Five-Napkin Burger Coming to Midtown

five napkin burger

But will the milk shakes be good?Photo courtesy of Life With Food and Drink

The other evening, while on our way to the Penthouse Executive Club to toast the launch of Inocente tequila — a triple-distilled brand that comes in a perfumelike bottle in order to appeal to women (and strippers?) — we caught a glimpse of something utterly tantalizing: the newly unveiled Five-Napkin Burger at 630 Ninth Avenue, at 45th Street! Life With Food and Drink also noticed that the plywood came down on the place a couple of days ago and has the first murky interior shots. According to Juli B, this one comes from Simon Oren, who has a “five-napkin burger” on the menu at Nice Matin: “Their specialty? Supersize burgers with what will no doubt be some mighty good-tasting fries.” Ah, if only we had that option after the tequila flowed.

Five-Napkin Burger Watch! [Life With Food and Drink]