Swiss Watch: Serge Becker's Café Select Soft-Opens Across From La Esquina

cafe select

Note the Rolex clock.Photo: Daniel Maurer

Serge Beckers new place with A Touch of Class D.J.'s Oliver Stumm and Dominique Clausen, which we can now tell you will be called Caf Select (Website coming soon) hosted its first private party last night. We happened to be stalking the place strolling by during its first hour of existence, and a peek inside revealed a sleek marble bar with pastry display, glasses of bubbly, and a Rolex clock hanging from the ceiling. The joint looks almost like a museum caf, but again, we were looking in from the outside and were guessing you will be too, for the immediate future. The food was catered, so the kitchen probably isnt quite there yet, but its not too early to say this much: Start freaking. The ef. Out.

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