Young Republicans Party at Bowery Wine Company; Skip Steakhouses for Father’s Day

• After reading about a protest against Bowery Wine Company and “right-wing Republicans opening yuppie wine bars,” the New York Young Republican club held its monthly social there this week. [NYP]

• Are Chop Suey’s cocktails designed by Milk & Honey or “Milk Honey”? [Life Vicarious]

Bobo chef Jared Stafford-Hill is concerned with being green in the kitchen because he was raised by “actual hippies.” [Restaurant Girl]

• Not all dads are cavemen, so there’s no need to take them to a run-of-the-mill steakhouse for Father’s Day dinner. [Metromix]

Webster Hall, the nightclub that will never die, is set to have its landmark status approved by the City Council next week. [NYP]

• The future of food is where the money is, so investors are going so far as to buy farms, fertilizer, and grain elevators all over the world. [NYT]