$5 Margaveza Among ‘GQ’ Top 20 Cocktails in America

eben freeman

Eben Freeman gets his shake on.Photo: Abbe Benson

GQ chooses their favorite twenty cocktails in the country, and, no surprise, some New York mixologists take top honors. Pegu Clubs Gin Gin Mule gets the nod (this is as obligatory as choosing the Shake Shack as a favorite burger), as does Eben Freemans Kaffir Collins and Death & Co.s Cinder (a jalapeo-infused, mescal-enhanced margarita). The real surprise is the $5 Margaveza that Eric Copeland of Black Dice created while bartending at Daddys essentially the thinking mans Tequiza, its a bottle of Sol topped with four ounces of frozen margarita. Hey, if the Michelada (Mexico's spicy beer-and-tomato bevy) can work, so can this.

The 20 Best Cocktails in America [GQ]