Can Vegans Eat Honey?; Lobster Cheap in Maine

As more and more vegetarians take liberties with dietary restrictions, the debate rages on over the vegan ethics of honey. [Slate]

With wine inflation run amok in restaurants, you should just order the cheapest bottle on the menu. If theyre willing to sell it, it should be drinkable. [WSJ]

Both Pepsi and Coca-Cola are planning to release drinks containing a new sweetener derived from the controversial herb stevia, which is reported to have an aftertaste that is similar to licorice. [WSJ]

After losing a lot of money as a result of the recent salmonella outbreak, food-industry leaders seem ready to accept stricter tracking rules and more government oversight. [NYT]

Its time to move to Maine: Low demand in the weak economy has made it so that local lobster prices have fallen below $6 a pound. [NYP]