Delicatessen, The Eldridge Get Feuding Bloggers in a Tizzy

The blogger feud seems to have cooled, but Guest of a Guest and Down by the Hipster are still being catty with each other. DBTH hit last nights Interview party at Delicatessen and wrote, We spotted everyone who is anyone, including that girl you like and her cousin, the guy who did that thing that makes everyone jealous, prompting Guest of a Guest to condescend: I was personally pleased to see Scott [Solish, a.k.a. DBTH] try his hand at normalcy for a change, actually appearing at the new hot spot to give us the details, while we were in Montauk chowing down on Sam Talbots burgers. Oh, Montauk! Thats gotta sting! DBTH then linked to the post in which GoaG writers Scott Buccheit and Naeem Delbridge promised the Eldridge would be more exclusive and luxurious than anything currently out there, and decided it was just those two being silly. We await Guest of a Guests next jab were pretty sure itll involve playing lawn darts with Surf Lodge owner Jamie Mulholland.

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