Delicatessen Will Go 24 Hours — We Have the Menu


The downstairs DJ booth.Photo: Patrick McMullan.

Balthazar is no longer the go-to for late-night eats in Soho. Two weeks from now Delicatessen will be open 24 hours on Thursdays through Saturdays. Around 11:30 p.m. last night there were a couple dozen folks in the breezy dining room a mix of Chelsea homoflexuals and girls dressed for the meatpacking district. Buffas this aint. At the end of a meal that included what we suspect will be the places must-get Reuben fritters! we were surprised to get a three-page satisfaction survey asking no less than 30 questions about the service, portion sizes, dcor, music, lighting, and pricing. Sample query: What was your least favorite dish and why? Please be as specific as possible. Um. After a $14 absinthe Sazerac, we were in no place to fill out forms, but we did have the presence of mind to steal the menu for you!

Delicatessen chopped liver: Vidalia onions served with rye and pumpernickel toast - $8
Halibut tacos: Crispy wonton wrapper, spiced guacamole, kimchee sour cream - $11
Reuben fritters: Corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, house-made thousand island dressing - $9
Cheeseburger spring rolls: House-made red-pepper tomato ketchup - $10
Prince Edward Island mussels: tomato mussel broth, Spanish chorizo, jalapeos, roasted garlic croutons - $11
Fritto misto: Halibut, calamari, shrimp, haricots verts, roasted garlic aoli - $12
Halibut carpaccio - $11

Seasonal soup of the day $7
Delicatessen matzo-ball chicken soup - $7
Organic greens salad: Tomatoes, fennel, Bermuda onions, lemon vinaigrette- $7
Summer panzanella salad: Italian bread croutons, Jersey tomatoes, sweet basil, extra virgin olive oil - $8
Watercress and arugula salad: Baby beets, candied pecans, Coach Farms goat cheese- $9
Smoked trout: German potato salad, pickled red onions, watercress, whole-grain mustard: $11

Caesar - $10 (add chicken, $4, or tuna, $6)
Cobb - $12
Asian-style vegetable salad: Baby pea greens, lotus root, sugar snap peas, enoki mushrooms, English peas, baby corn, sweet red peppers, crisp noodles, soy vinaigrette - $11
Yellowfin-tuna nioise salad: Haricots verts, Nioise olives, Vidalia onions, fingerling potatoes, cherry tomatoes, mustard vinaigrette - $14

Pastrami on rye: Hand-cut pastrami and mustard, half-sour pickles - $11
Delicatessen burger: Tomato, red onions, Bibb lettuce - $12 (add cheese, $1.50)
Turkey burger: Tomato, red onions, Bibb lettuce - $11 (add cheese, $1.50)
Grilled summer-vegetable pita - $10

Chicken in a bucket: Buttermilk marinated half-chicken, spicy coleslaw, house-made dressing - $14
Cantonese-style Atlantic salmon: Spring onions, stir-fried bok choy, seasoned with fresh lime and garlic-burnt soy vinaigrette - $19
Fish-and-chips: Beer-battered local monkfish, mushy Greenmarket peas, house-made tartar sauce, French fries - $15
Roasted half-chicken: Greenmarket peas, carrots, Yukon gold mashed potatoes, chicken jus - $17
Sauted Yellowfin Tuna: Buckwheat soba noodles, enoki mushrooms, dashi broth
Short ribs Stroganoff: Slow-braised short ribs, egg noodles, garden peas, mushrooms, fresh herbs - $19
Bangers and mash: Traditional English bangers, served with bubble and squeak - $18
Pork schnitzel: Smoked bacon, baby potato salad and house-made huckleberry preserves- $18
BBQ meat loaf: Jalapeo and cheese, farm fresh peas and carrots - $14
Romanian skirt steak: Watercress and beet salad, crispy Vidalia onion rings and onion jus - $17
Grilled lamb chops Moroccan couscous in a red-pepper vinaigrette - $27
Pork Chop: Italian grilled pork chop with panzanella salad - $22

French fries - $5
Paprika onion rings - $5
Whipped potato - $5
Moroccan couscous - $5
Wild-mushroom fricassee - $5
Wilted spinach - $6
Farm fresh peas and carrots - $6
Local corn on the cob - $6