Exclusive: The Restaurant in ‘Waiter Rant’ Is Revealed

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As promised, the Post has revealed the identity of Waiter Rants author, Steve Dublanica. The article delves into Dublanicas penchant for crop-dusting tables with flatulence (something we suspect will be the books never eat fish on Mondays), but the most amusing part comes when, after the interview, Eleven Madison Park erroneously charges Dublanica and the reporter $75 for dessert wine. The name of the Bistro is not revealed, though the Post says its in quo;s one of the city's affluent suburbs. Meanwhile, one of our astute commenters, Melp, tells us Dublanica waited tables at the Lanterna Tuscan Bistro in Nyack, New York, and after chatting with the brother of the restaurants owner, we can confirm that he worked there for six years. Another commenter points out that Russell Crowe lived in Nyack while filming there, which explains how the Gladiator star was the only person to ever tie Dublanica with the restaurant till now. Well done, Melp e-mail us to claim your tickets to the Highbrow BBQ.

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