Lure Chef, GM Victims of OfficeMax Prank

In an especially cringe-worthy viral video recently posted on YouTube, some bearded buffoon shows up at Lure and attempts to pay for his meal with a sack of pennies. The idea was to promote OfficeMaxs penny sale, but the video inspires us mostly with wrath and loathing at the chain for causing us to squirm so. There are a few comic highlights, though, especially salty chef Josh Capon coming out and telling the guy, How about you come in here and order a steak, and I take the steak and put it in a blender, and I give you the steak in a milk shake? A telling analogy, but one the prankster refuses to accept. Eventually, an incensed Capon says This is dumb, and you know it! Indeed alas, neither he nor manager Robert Collins knew that they were victims of a viral campaign. But if you want to get a stapler on sale, there must be sacrifices.