Sam Mason Thinks Chicago Is the Country’s Best Food Town

The critics had their knives out when Tailor opened.Photo: Melissa Hom.

Today a blog checks in with the Tailor team a year after its opening. Of course, our series the Launch was in large part responsible for the hype surrounding Sam Masons debut, so we read the interview with interest. Mason shrugs off the field day that critics who he thinks are increasingly bloodthirsty had with him, and doesnt care whether they rereview him: I'm fine with them going on to their new restaurants to bash. Chicago, Mason thinks, is the best food city in the country because the media isnt as negative. Aside from Masons ruminations about the savory/sweet, small/big plate, booze/food dichotomies, the real news here is that Tailor may start serving brunch at the end of the summer! No new restaurant in the works, though were thinking the next one will be in Chi-town.

Update: Speaking of Tailor and negative press, cocktailian Rick Stutz live-blogs a lecture from Tales of the Cocktail, the New Orleans mixology conference. Says Eben Freeman: I dont care if you made bad drinks. I dont care if you steal my ideas. Just dont talk shit about me on your blogs.