Spurned Ex Calls Sam Talbot a Two-timing ‘Dog’

"He's a good-looking guy."Photo: Patrick McMullan

This aint gonna sit well with Sam Talbots new fiance, photos of whom have emerged on Amuse Biatch: The Post gets one of Talbots exes to call him a dog: He told me I was his girlfriend, and then my friend went to the opening of Surf Lodge and was introduced to another woman he called his girlfriend. A Surf Lodge rep says, I dont know about his personal life, but he's a good-looking guy. Im sure a lot of girls like him. Were in the restaurant business, not the jealous-girls business. Hilariously, the item misspells fiance Paola Guerrero's name as "Guerro," and the accompanying photo isnt of Sam Talbot, but, rather, of Ilan Hall giving a thumbs-up, presumably saying, You go, bro.

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