Will ‘Gastrosexuals’ Be the New ‘Foodies’?

eben freeman

Photo-illustration: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the male gastrosexual. No, it has nothing to do with sploshing (pornography involving food play) its the Daily Mail of Londons term for a new breed of man that, seemingly inspired by macho celebrity cooks like Gordon Ramsay (God help them), have taken to the kitchen to impress the ladies. According to a study, 23 percent of 18-to-34-year-old British men say they cook to potentially seduce a partner, and 60 percent regularly cook for friends and family. Of course, none of this is really news. We just thought wed float the word gastrosexual its been a while since weve had a word, like foodie, that truly made us cringe.

Rise of the 'Gastrosexual' As Men Take Up Cooking in a Bid to Seduce Women [Daily Mail via Jezebel]