Dolce Vita Accuses Neighbors of Harassment, Fights for ‘New Little Italy’



A cursed address?Photo: Melissa Hom

When Dolce Vita replaced Dom's, Montreal chef Tyler Cyre told us the restaurant was so close to so much bad Italian food. Apparently that didnt sit well with the neighbors, because the owner of Dolce Vita has now posted a letter to its Website complaining of a tremendous amount of fear-mongering, bullying and ill will towards my restaurant from local restaurant owners and the like in the neighborhood.

The letter claims local owners acted in concert with the restaurants original lawyer to stall a liquor license, and that they sent authorities to check up on the restaurant on the rare occasion that we have a busy night. In Little Italy, the letter claims, if you are the new guy on the block and not in everybody elses back pocket or part of Old Little Italy, you apparently do not have a prayer of making it. The owner seems to think hes struggling for the very soul of Little Italy (Its time for a New Little Italy even if I fail at trying), but lets face it, Doms didnt get a lot of traffic at this address before it was seized by the city, and owner Frank Migliori was loved by the neighborhood. Is there truly something rotten on Mulberry Street, or could this just be an unfortunate case of location, location, location?

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