East Coast-Midwest Rapper–Burger Mogul War Erupts?

kanye west and pharrell williams

Pharrell Williams and Kanye West: bringing
Fatburgers to Chicago, not here.Photo: WireImage

Sam Mason said Chicago is a better food town than New York, and were tempted tempted! to agree now that Kanye West, with his company KW Foods LLC, is poised to open ten Fatburgers in his hometown, according to Chicagobusiness.com. So, whatever became of the three locations that rapper-producer Pharrell Williams was poised to open in Manhattan? The Post broke the news of them last February but we havent heard anything since then, aside from passing mention in an October Q in which honchos David Dale-Johnson and Andrew A. Wiederhornin seem to be looking for a good spot in Greenwich Village. Fatburgers rep wasnt able to update us, but well let you know if we hear any news. One things clear with Kanyes first Chicago location opening next month, Pharrell better step up his game.

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