El Baño Is Hiring, But We’re Still Not Buying It


As promised, Down by the Hipster scores an interview with the proprietor of El Bao, who claims to be a nightlife veteran and insists that his new venture is real and, in fact, heavily bankrolled. The answers are way too preposterous to swallow: Ive been to Brooklyn before, but honestly why would we open a club there? We're going for exclusivity, for the rich, the famous. Then theres more douchebragging about fabulous friends, models, and only the best party music. But wait, whats this?

An ad on BackPage.com, sent to us by the Ko-thario (who says he is not the author of the site), calls for job applicants who are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement for location and trade secrets. The e-mail address? Jobs@elbanonyc.com. Nice try, guys, but were still not buying the VIP area modeled after a Kyoto restroom. We suspect that Chef D.C. is a cheeky nod to David Chang (theres a pork belly with caramelized apple and kimchi puree on the menu, after all) and though hes willing to do Vegas, no way is he soiling his hands with this.

Interview With El Bao [DBTH]