Food Prices Up, Lobster Prices Down; Coca-Cola Looking to Best Pepsi in China

If food prices are soaring for everything from bread to beef, why is lobster cheaper than the price of a steak in Maine this season? For one thing, it helps that the regions lobsters dont travel very far to consumers. [Slate]

In the months before this years salmonella outbreak, U.S. inspectors repeatedly rejected shipments of dirty and diseased peppers from Mexico, which makes it seem more like the outbreak was a freak accident. [NYP]

The line at Cheap Eats pick 99 Fresh Pizza can get just as long as at Di Faras. [Slice]
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Did the owner of frat favorite Gatsbys harass passersby to sign a petition protesting a community boards liquor ruling? [Eater]

Coca-Cola is hoping it can use its Olympics ad blitz to finally dominate Pepsi in the Chinese market. [WSJ]

An Upper East Side hotdog cart caught fire yesterday, shooting flames into the awning of the neighboring Ralph Lauren store. [NYP]