Le Bernardin’s Business Booms in Recession; Mystery Michelin Man Found

Going against the industry trend, Le Bernadin doubled its PR and marketing budget this year, and business is booming. [Insatiable Critic]

Though nothing you eat or drink on a plane may come free in the future, for now you can at least still have a complimentary ginger ale as long as youre not flying on Spirit or US Airways. [NYT]

What happened to the Swiss man who disappeared in the middle of his quest to eat at all 68 Michelin three-starred restaurants? It seems like he called it a day and went home. [Independent]

Which restaurants are still worth splurging on in tough economic times? BlackBook says The Grocery, Chanterelle, Eighty One, Gramercy Tavern, and Momofuku Ko. [BlackBook]

Olympics and alcohol dont really mix, at least if youre an athlete, but viewers at home can try a cocktail inspired by the Games called a Mount Olympus. [WSJ]

Thanks to the popularity of Latin American cuisine, heart of palm is selling extremely well for an ingredient that essentially has no flavor. [WSJ]