One Star for Matsugen; The Best Organic Hot Dog


Inside Matsugen, a soba temple.Photo: Noah Kalina

This week in New York, Adam Platt visits Matsugen with his wife. Neither was enthusiastic. In between gathering intel on openings this week its Pomegranate, a new Jewish grocery in Midwood and White Star, Sashe Petraskes latest sipping spirts bar Rob and Robin taste-tested seven organic hot dogs and went cool-hunting for new chefs hats. Gael Greene visited Sheridan Square and found her favorite starter on the menu: grits. Basil is everywhere now, and Queens Thai restaurant Sripraphai uses it to good effect in this weeks In Season recipe for pad kra pao. And if youre still in a DIY mood, Rob and Robin tell us about a ricotta-making demo this week at Whole Foods on Bowery.

Platt: Matsugen
Openings: Pomegranate, White Star
Taste Test: Organic Hot Dogs
Food Fashion: Chef Hats
Insatiable Critic: Sheridan Square
In Season: Basil
Food Demo: Ricotta [NYM]