Tenjune Doorman Aalex Julian Calls Out the Neighbors

aalex julian

"Its very easy to get a big ego," Julian told Grub Street in April.Photo: Melissa Hom

Our interview with Tenjune doorman Aalex Julian sparked some heated comments, and Julian addresses one of them in a Power Players Q with BlackBook. Responding to a commenter who called him the King of the Bottles, he says, If I see a beautiful girl outside, Im going to let her in, and Ill buy her drinks all night because shes going to add something to the party whether shes buying something or not. Beautiful girls, now you know. Meanwhile, Julian calls out a bunch of industry colleagues (bolding ours).

On Jon B, owner of Home and Guest House: The K-Mart of nightlife. When I started at Guest House, we decided with his partner Ronnie [Madra, now of 1Oak], we all agreed it would be a high-end, selective place. Within two months, Jon B started flipping the switch, letting in thugs, letting in a guy who was threatening people.

On 1Oak: There are people at 1Oak, theyre high-end people but theyre sleeping till 2 oclock in the afternoon, theyre drunk five nights a week.You might go to 1Oak and see 50 people, and then what? You have to get in a cab and go somewhere else.If you look at the money that weve made and the money that 1Oak has made in fewer risks that theyve taken because theyre so selective, well, they wanted to be so selective, theyve had more problems [with fights and stealing] than weve had in two years.Its a lot more than Binn does at 1Oak who just lets people in and then theres a manager inside and then a floor manager. I make much more of a hybrid decision.

On Noah Tepperberg of Marquee: I have my differences with [him], but I cant deny the gentleman that hes a hard worker, and thats why hes successful. I cant deny that.

On Rocco Ancarola of Pink Elephant: I can look at someone like [him] whos been in this business forever and is just barely hanging on. There are people who have been doing this for way too long and theyre burnt out, and its obvious to everybody.

On someone I cant name: Theres someone I wont name but whos stuck around [in the business] way too long. You can only be in this business if youre going to exit gracefully. Otherwise youre like the girl whos gone out too long, who was cute at 22 but now she has the injections and the lifts and is mad I dont want to let her in anymore. Its one thing when youre 23 and youre tipsy and giggly its another when youre 43 and sloppy drunk. Its not a good look.

On bosses Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm: In nine months Im going to do something new, and its going to be a hit. I hope that its going to be with Mark and Eugene, but my deals up with them in September, so were going to sit down then and make some decisions about the future. I do have two other projects Im looking at. One in the Meatpacking, and one here [in Soho].

Were guessing neither of those projects involves his former bosses Jon B or Rocco Ancarola.

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