The City’s Lobster Rolls, From Priciest to Cheapest


lobster rolls

Gothamist points us to lobster-roll aficionado Tony Greens map of places in New York, Maine, and Connecticut where you can score what a waiter once called the Big Mac of the Northeast. A noble effort, but the map is somewhat out of date (Pier 116, Crave Ceviche, and Bar Minnow are now closed) and missing many obvious choices (the citys most expensive roll, for one). For true obsessives, weve expanded on the list, added prices, and ordered it accordingly for those who refuse to pay $38 (and yes, thats despite the lowered cost of lobster) for anything that comes in a hot-dog bun (okay, fine, a brioche in some cases).

Patroon- $38
Quality Meats- $33 (lunch only)
Marys Fish Camp- $33
Brooklyn Fish Camp- $33
Caf Luxembourg- $30
Lure Fishbar- $29
Ditch Plains- $28
Black Pearl- $28
Grand Central Oyster Bar- $27.95
Pearl Oyster Bar- $27
Eds Lobster Bar- $27
Tides- $26
Mermaid Inn- $26
Aquavit- $18 (lunch) or $25 (dinner)
Fish- $25
Island- $25
Parlor Steakhouse- $24
Sarabeths (Central Park)- $24
BLT Fish- $24
City Lobster- $24
Wild Edibles- $23
Bongo- $23
Fresh- $22
Joe Allen Restaurant- $21
Urban Lobster- $20
Maras Homemade- $20
Elmo- $18.95
Fibe Bistro- $18.95
Big Trout- $18
Trump Grill- $18 (BLT)
B.Smith- $18 (lunch only)
City Crab- $17.95
Croton Reservoir Tavern- $17
Lobster Place- $16.95
Wharf Bar and Grill- $16.95
Tracks- $16.95
Surf Bar- $15
Pop Burger- $15
Jordans Lobster Dock- $14.95
Bobby Vans Steakhouse- $14.95
Nicks Lobster- $14.05
Certe - $11.95
Stanton Social- $9 (per slider)

Lobster Rolls [Mere Cat via Gothamist]