‘Vice’ Contemplates the Sex Appeal of Kool Man


waverly inn

The Van Leeuwen truck may be all the rage, but the perverts at Vice remain loyal to Kool Man so much so that in the current issue, theyve posed models against ice-cream trucks and asked their owners prodding questions, such as Do you ever get the urge to just slam on the brakes and throw it in reverse when kids are chasing the truck? (Thank God, driver Ruben does not.) Actually, most of the questions are routine (Henrys personal sales record is $700, Ruben hears the jingle in his sleep), but we love Pablos answer to this question: Have you ever fought with another driver over a route?

Oh yeah. Theyll come up to the truck and say, Hey Papo, you cant work around here. I tell them, This is America and I can work wherever I want. Once this guy from this other company Mr. Cone said, You want to fight? So I stepped out and punched him. He never bothered me again.

This guy really puts the man in ice-cream man!

Do you ever have girls asking for free ice cream?

All the time. Sometimes Ill give free ice cream to a girl and say, You look niiiceee.

What if shes ugly? Do you still give her a freebie?

Pablos the guy in the opening spread (sadly, the feature is not online). Lets just say hes no Ben Van Leeuwen.