Cardoz to Serve ‘Iron Chef’ Menu, Opponent Flay Loves Paul Smith


Next week is Outrageous Ingredients Week on Iron Chef Japan, but we dont really find stuff like natto, sea urchin, and spiny lobster that outrageous. Well more likely watch Floyd Cardoz battle Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America, Sunday at 9 p.m. In an inspired move, Cardoz will be serving up his Iron Chef menu at Tabla from September 8 to October 31. And speaking of Bobby Flay, our reporter Justin Ravitz cornered him at a Ruby Slippers Reimagined event at Saks last night probably his wife Stephanie Marchs doing. Apparently, Flay is a Paul Smith man. Big time. I'm obsessed with Paul Smith, he said. Ninety percent of my clothing my good clothing is from them. I love his style. Been wearing it since Mesa Grill opened eighteen years ago. Reality show producers: If Todd English doesnt pan out, there may be a makeover victim here for you.