Catch-22: Velvet Ropes and Foosball, Together at Last


We get a lot of press releases, but sometimes one comes along that's so special we simply must share it, mouthpiece issues be damned. Today is one such day. In our in-box, the following subject line: "Catch-22 New York Cities [sic] Newest HotSpot!" Oh, we'll open an e-mail like that. But first, a cursory Googling: Martiniboys writes that this is a velvet-rope kind of place, complete with a VIP section. Well! Give us the hard sell!


Eh, never mind, that's enou

I wanted to make this space where people who are over the same formula offered at every nightclub in the city, can kick back and play a game of foosball..."

YOU HAVE OUR ATTENTION. And what of the flip-cup table?

Celebrity fans of Catch-22 include: Mathew [sic] Broderick

Okay, now that's really enough.