Cops, Not Just the Neighbors, Are on the Box’s Case


Jessica Pilot sits down with the Porcelain Twinz, the (New Agey and straight-edge, it turns out!) erotic performers who plan to sue the Box for treating them not-so-nice. They don't reveal much beyond what they already blabbed about on their MySpace page either they're saving more of the juicy stuff for their updated book (the Wayans brothers asked them for coke!) or they're just plain out of ammo. (Actually, theres this: The Twinz claim that Box employees have been known to service patrons in the bathroom downstairs so thats why theres handcuffs over the toilets!) Speaking of cuffs, an officer at the NYPDs Fifth Precinct does have something interesting to add. He tells Pilot, We are on the case. And we know there are drugs going around there, its ongoing. Uh-oh. Between this and the community-board problems, you gotta imagine the owners of this joint are feeling a little boxed in right now.

The Porcelain Twinz vs. The Box: Celebs, Cocaine, & Chicanery [BlackBook]