High Holiday Hunger: Get Your Rosh On


Sundown on Monday night marks the beginning of Rosh Hashanah or, as some of us called it growing up, "the happier high holiday." The Jewish New Year isn't just an opportunity for forgiveness; it's a time for felicitous consumption. If you're not quite confident in your rendition of grandmother's brisket, Epicurious has a good selection of recipes for modern and traditional Rosh Hashanah meals; or you can just swing by Zabar's or Russ & Daughters and scoop up whatever liver and salmon might still be left (if you're lucky, you might even score tzimmes at one of the markets). Diner's Journal has a tempting recipe for Jerusalem Kugel (we'd opt for the Sephardic Jerusalem version, with raisins, nutmeg, and brown sugar), and for goyim guests, a few gentle suggestions for gift-giving. If you'd rather keep your celebration on the minimalist side, just grab some apples and honey. Even if you're being kinda lazy, you'll be forgiven.

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