The Eldridge's $26 Glass Is Half-Full or Half-Empty, Depending on Who You Ask


According to Down by the Hipster, all you really had to do to get into the Eldridge on Monday night was to RSVP on doorman Naeem Delbridges Facebook page, but by Guest of a Guests account, that didnt mean the place wasnt full up with triple-name types (Wayne Alan Wilcox! Keenyah Nicolle Hill!) during Lydia Hearsts first official party there. Of course, Guest of a Guests column just happens to be co-written by doorman Delbridge, so maybe a more objective take is in order. And that comes via Monas Apple, whose correspondent doesnt much like Delbridges steelo. Indeed, hes described as a faux-Farnsworth doorman who wears pink, plaid shirts tucked into cowboy jeans. And the club itself? The Eldridge goes beyond sucking and is among the worst executed clubs in recent memory. Ouch. Anyone want to weigh in with the tie-breaker?

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