You Liked the Food at Philippe? ARE YOU HIGH? Oh Wait, You Are.


Possibly our favorite restaurant-review blog, Augieland, hasnt been updated since June, which means 762 gueuledeboisillian stars and 543 modernoillian stars are no longer being bestowed on the hot new places. They are, however, receiving marijuana leaves! Since launching last month, Eat Under the Influence has been rating places like Double Crown and Matsugen based not only on the food, but also on that elusive quality, blazeability. Youll be happy to know that Socarrats tortilla, for instance, will do the trick post-toke. Or post coital. Um? On the other hand, if youve absorbed Time Outs feature about Chinatowns gentrification, were sure your head will explode when you read that Doyers Street, outside of Apothke, is the perfect place to smoke up.

Eat Under the Influence