Dovetail Launches Brunch: Sweet Breads and Sweetbreads!


This weekend, Dovetail will start serving a rather fanciful brunch. For $28, your table gets a basket of sweet and savory breads as well as a variety of canaps (a yogurt parfait, parsnip soup, a cucumber tea sandwich, duck meatballs), and then each person gets a choice of entre. After that, a variety of desserts for the table: root-beer granit with vanilla ice cream, walnut brownie, oatmeal-almond financier vanilla cheesecake with pineapple compote. The list of entres follows note that they wont be available la carte.

French toast (figs, bacon, vanilla maple syrup)

Forest mushroom omelet (greek Feta, potatoes)

Sirloin and eggs (two eggs, potatoes)

Skinny lobster omelette (supp $8) (melted fennel, tarragon, potatoes)

Crab Benedict (spinach, tomatoes, spicy hollandaise)

Spanish tortilla (roasted peppers, serrano ham, eggplant)

Soft scrambled eggs and gravlax (cream cheese, red onions, capers)

Cod a la plancha (cranberry beans, escarole, garlic)

Shirred eggs and truffles (supp. 16) (sweetbreads, hazelnuts, watercress)

Roasted chicken (gnocchi, chanterelles, napa cabbage)

Scallop and shrimp salad (brussels sprouts, beets, cauliflower)

Duck goulash (cavatelli, paprika, hen egg)

Ground veal (sunny side egg, provolone)

Lamb meatloaf (tzatziki, griddled bread)

Patty melt madame (ground veal, sunny side egg, provolone)

Not a bad deal, especially if you bring your friend who doesn't eat. Just steer clear of those $13 and $14 mimosas and Bloodys.